The 2016 Honda Celebration of Light competition begins promptly over English Bay at 10:00pm each night, rain or shine.

July 25

Saturday, July 23

July 29

Wednesday, July 27

Aug 1

Saturday, July 30

  • Honda Celebration of Light
  • Rosedale on Robson
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  • Concord Seawall Challenge

Save your spot

Keg Lounge

The Keg Lounge

Most popular VIP viewing stage-side with the bands.

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Clearly Lounge

Clearly Spectacle Lounge

A chill VIP lounge with the closest view of the fireworks.

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YVR Observation Deck

YVR Observation Deck

Bleachers that are perfect for families or groups

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Business Class Cabanas

YVR Business Class

The perfect location to host guests for a private party

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Music, food and more


We are in the early stages of planning the 26th Honda Celebration of Light.  We thank you for showing your support and enthusiasm for this annual event.

To our sponsors, safety support, and pyro teams – we look forward to working with you again to ensure the 26th anniversary of the Honda Celebration of Light continues its legacy as free, family fun for fireworks fans and B.C.’s largest public event.

Tickets for our prime viewing areas will go on sale early in 2016.  Make your plans now so that you and your friends don’t miss out.

The fireworks

The 2016 Honda Celebration of Light competition begins promptly
at 10:00 pm each night, rain or shine, on the following dates:

Saturday, July 23

Wednesday, July 27

Saturday, July 30

Three pyro companies will once again represent their countries in 2016.  Stay tuned for the announcement in Spring 2016.

Check out highlights from the 25th anniversary of the
Honda Celebration of Light 2015 –
the longest running offshore fireworks competition in the world
and BC’s largest public event!

Latest News

Read more of the latest news on the 2015 Honda Celebration of Light

  • 10 Things You May Not Know About Fireworks


    Are you a fireworks expert? Check below, then come to the Honda Celebration of Light and spread your newfound knowledge!

    1. It is believed the Chinese originally used fireworks to scare off mountain men

    2. Nestlé was able to make a chocolate firework that, when ignited, released little bits of chocolate

    3. China may have invented fireworks, but in 1830 Italy gave them colour

    4. Blue is the hardest firework colour to make, and engineers have still been unable to find the perfect chemistry to make bright blue

    5. Firework makers must wear only cotton clothing in firework factories as synthetic fibers can create static electricity, which could set off the fireworks

    6. Queen Elizabeth was so fascinated with fireworks that she created the honorary title, “Fire Master of England” for the individual who created the best fireworks

    7. The word for firework in Japanese is ‘hanabi,’ which means “fire-flower”

    8. Fireworks are named after the flowers that they look like once set off

    9. Walt Disney World buys more fireworks than any other company in the world

    10. A firework rocket can reach up to 240 km/h

    read more
    hcol_editor10 Things You May Not Know About Fireworks