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Want elevated views and curated food & beverage? Pick your experience and reserve a space today at one of our popular ticketed licensed venues.


Portugal | Team Macedos Pirotecnia

“Macedos Pirotecnia” is a name with 89 years of History in the Portuguese Pyrotechnics industry . The pyrotechnic activity in the family began in 1934 by Joaquim da Silva Macedo, who passed on all his knowledge, techniques and methods to his son and grandchildren. They now manage the company and have adapted modern methods and expanded nationally and internationally to pyrotechnics markets and competitions representing their country and proud history.

Malaysia | Team Pyro Tact

Pyro Tact was once a group of young part-time workers, who embarked on a remarkable journey. Their Story began with a humble spark of curiosity and a passion for pyrotechnics that ignited their dreams. Over time, their skills caught the attention of their nation, leading them to represent their country in prestigious fireworks competitions, and major events in their country and in Asia. From their modest beginnings to the international stage. Sulen, Jeffry, Syukri, & Faishal continues to shine bright, creating breathtaking fireworks spectacles that light up the world.

United Kingdom | Team Pyrotex Fireworx

Pyrotex Fireworx is known around the world for its originality and pure emotion within its shows. We literally breathe the event and put every bit of energy into the show to try and win. We want to make you cry but also to make you happy. Pyrotex uses state-of-the-art technology and software to design traditional and pyromusical firework displays. With the combination of unique design knowledge and advanced technical ability in hand, we can push the boundaries to create a masterpiece in the sky.


The foundation of this event is to create an experience that is accessible to all and brings people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures together. A combined celebration of Vancouver’s beautiful landscapes and its people.


Working with Archangel Fireworks we scour the globe for the most compelling and innovative teams working in the field to curate a lineup of pyrotechnics that will give you a jaw-dropping show leaving you in awe!


Bring your appetite and get ready to consume some of the City’s best food trucks that offer an array of culinary diversity and dietary selections.