our history

creating a festival to match the fireworks

Originally named the “Symphony of Fire”, the Honda Celebration of Light has come a long way in 29 years. Recognized as the longest running off-shore fireworks festival in the world, we have hosted dozens of countries to compete each year in a spectacular fireworks display.

Our event’s core purpose is to spark togetherness, as we welcome over 1.3+ million regional and international visitors every summer to sample local food, experience live music performances and finally soak in the wonder of the fireworks.

The Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society

Is the not-for-profit society that oversees the Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival, the longest running offshore fireworks competition in the world. Established in 2001 and run by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, the primary aim of the Society is to bring the community together for a free family fun event and to ensure the long-lasting sustainability of the event in Vancouver.

Meet our Board 

Co-Chair Michael McKnight
Co-Chair Yuri Fulmer
Ryan Black, Paul Tilbury, Heather Owen, Michael McDaniel, Peter Jackman, Rick Cluff, Renee Chen, Sheryne Mecklai, Nikki Hill
City Liaison:  Paul Mochrie
Park Board Liaison:  Malcolm Bromley



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Celebration of Music

Whether you plant yourself at the Park Stage at Second Beach or catch a set from the Bathhouse Roof at English Bay, we've got a selection of BC based talent fit for any time of day.

Celebration of Light

We're ready to spark some fun this summer. After exploring the festival get ready to sit back, gaze at the night sky, and soak in the fireworks spectacular.

Celebration of Food

We know you're hungry! We've got a selection of the best food on 4 wheels. Bring your appetite and get ready to consume our wide selection of Food Truck offerings by local BC businesses.